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Charlie & Lucy

Lucy 1Hi Rod,

My wife and I have always had rescue dogs. Lucy is our 6th in about  20 years. And probably our best. I know part of it is her innate personality; she's a gentle girl who wants nothing more than to be involved in our activities and to please us. But, I can't help but recognize the role you played in helping me shape her. And helping me be a more understanding owner.

Thanks for all your help. You have no idea how happy we are with her. Training with you is one of the top 3 investments I've ever made in my life.

Best for a happy healthy and prosperous 2013.


Lucy & Aime

AmieHi Rod and Tracy,

Just wanted to say that what you can do with dogs is amazing!!!!!!!!!! This morning when we went to training, Amie on command could lie down sort of and would not stay (had not a clue to do so although I did try). Now she is doing it perfectly at home after the one session with you… And of course from earlier training you taught her to come, sit and heel (and me how to ask her to). Many Thanks,


Rocky, Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Davidson

Rodney, you'll be so proud! Rocky passed his certification testing today!!! Woohoo! Good job Rocky and Stu. And a special thanks to you Rodney for all of your help throughout this process.
       Mary Davidson